TunesNinja is your music player NINJA:

No Adware
No Spyware
No Viruses
No registration

  • FREE MUSIC - The world's largest music library ¨C all chosen from songs licensed already on YouTube!
  • PERSONALIZATION ¨C Play music based on your preferences.
  • FACEBOOK-ENABLED (SOCIAL) - Listen to music your friends love and share your songs with them.

TunesNinja is a free music-player that plays only music you love.
Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and TunesNinja will create an endless stream of music ¨C a custom "station" designed just for you ¨C all licensed and available on YouTube.

Your Music + Hit List from anywhere ¨C a global playlist.

Stream your favorite music from your computer or hear the music your friends love ¨C all 100% free.

TunesNinja will play an endless stream of songs selected specially for you from the millions of songs that are licensed and currently available on YouTube!

The only thing you need to do? Download the application, choose your artists, lean back and enjoy.

100% FREE, NO SPYWARE, NO ADWARE, GUARANTEED VeriSign Secured - Sign and Safe Application